💼 Experience Designer
🎓 Yale-NUS College
I design and facilitate collaborative experiences at EY wavespace™️, an innovation accelerator that brings together people, design, and tech to solve business problems at speed.

I previously worked in fashion education as a marketer, where - amidst campaigns - I tinkered a lot with landing page codes, heatmaps, and user flow analytics. I suppose I was designing before I became a product designer and started the company’s design practice, which happened formally in 2021. I worked with business managers, developers, and designers to improve online touchpoints for our students and build systems that last.

I fell in love with the part of design that brings people together ( design is a team sport) through a structured process that co-creates the future. I pursued that fully by joining the EY wavespace team in 2022. Since then, I have had the unbelievable privilege of supporting a wide range of clients - from leading banks to global MNCs to government agencies - in their pursuit of business transformation.
🎨 Serial Art-maker
🎬 Moviegoer
👟 Aspiring Half-Marathoner
🥊Muay Thai Beginner
📸 Film Photographer
📚 Reading: Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal
💭️ Learning: EY Blockchain Badge: Bronze
🎬 Just watched: Wonka (2023) dir. Paul King